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"Tell me, little one. Are you here alone tonight?"

"No," he said. At their raised brow ridge, Alex added, "I'm with friends. Not Sascha, but...well, one is scening in the west hall. The other--" Envisioning how she'd left the apartment they all shared, he tripped over a short laugh before he rushed out the rest of the explanation. "She's playing guard dog by the bar."

Literally. The humans he'd arrived with were both dressed in ears and tails for the night.

"Good." The approval in their tone warmed Alex's midsection. "Wise to have someone watch out for you."

"Ah, no, Sir. I don't need a babysitter." He watched the suspension harness lift up and the well-trussed sub tilt back into a chair of criss-crossed ropes. The woman's Dom moved close to her head, talking and touching and checking the restraints. He bit his lower lip and fought back a remembrance of want. No, playing wasn't for him, not anymore. "I was told Hard Knot has plenty of monitors on hand. For that kind of care."
— Excerpt from Safe With The Serpentian



What's Inside?

Alex loves to watch, though beyond a pleasant buzz he finds arousal impossible these days. He's a walking landmine of triggers and visiting the Hard Knot sex club was to be a test of how therapy had gone so far, nothing more. But when Jet'l sets their sights on this sweet FoxKynd, Alex has to wonder: has he finally met a Dom who can change everything?

Note: This short story is set in a sex club and includes brief mentions of bondage and puppy/kitty/horse play.


Jet'l Rheitt

Corsan Alexander "Alex"

With special mention

Sascha Bennett


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