Non-Zoned Star Systems

Some systems in Luridity stand on their own, whether due to corporate disinterest or low tech levels.
Fear not, they have their own stories to tell.
Non-Zoned Star Systems
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  A handful of systems are inaccessible by means of regular travel in Luridity Galaxy. The Ghet Rail does not pass their way and neither do the most common shipping lanes. And while the occasional lost ship might drift into their range, there's often not much of interest to pirates, corporations looking for resources or rarities, or tourists. But though they might be ignored by the Galaxy at large, the habitable systems unassociated with a Zone are still desired by those wishing to settle there, and each one flourishes with life...  

1: Ferzona

Ferzona, for instance, has been a system long-drenched in bloody soil and the toil of the "conscripted" human. With humanity a minority, the Shifter population was the dominent force on both of the habitable planets. But all that power has faced upheaval in recent years, since the arrival of the Oracles. Using both magic and steam technology, this invasive sentient species has gained the moniker of "Wizards" on the planets of Ferzona. The wizards have zero interest in the weaker sentients--aside from their presence as a nuisance--as they set about colonization and terraformation efforts. But though they may be advanced beyond the understanding of the the lower-tech Shifters and Humans who have called the star system home for centuries, they've made themselves a common enemy. It remains to be seen if a common enemy can change long held antagonisms between the Shifters and Humans enough to make a difference, or if the Oracles will continue remaking Ferzona in their own image instead.


2: Galvanic System

Galvanic exists in a strangely odd dimensionality, its sole habitable planet a blue and green orb that mirrors an alternate Earth, complete with chatrooms, capitalism, and K-Pop. But though it seems like typical, early 21st century societies on the surface, on the dimensional planes around the planet itself a war rages between beings humanity can only imagine. The Spark people are corporeal beings that appear human. If humans wielded non-sentient electricity as power and traveled through various transmission signals to get from place to place. Their enemies however, the Tracers, are electricity itself. The sentient kind. They ride lightning, want ever more power, and in an effort to gain corporality, they seek a permanent way to embed themselves within human hosts. Worse still, the biggest battle between their peoples stranded Spark orphans on the planets' surface--orphans who are indiscernable from humans until they reach the age where their powers appear...easy prey and even easier hosts, should the Tracers find them first.


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