Meta Zone

If you're looking for superhero stories, look no further than the Meta Zone.
This Zone is home to 3 star systems: Stardark, Starglow, and Starstone.  
Meta Zone
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It is impossible to list every extranatural ability one might encounter in the Meta Zone. It is, however, possible you might perish while trying to visit and find out for yourself. Whether that death is at the hands of an unfriendly supervillain, a jealous super-ex, or a disgruntled network executive, or whether you run afoul of any of the dozens of massive cosmic anomalies in the empty spaces of Meta--anomalies which might be to blame for the prevalence of extranatural abilities here in the first place--you're definitely in for a bad day.   There is a reason the Luridity Express Ghet Rail Tourism Department lists Meta as a no-rail Zone.   Of the three systems in Meta only the Starglow system, a flashy, livestream-addicted cluster of planets, is even slightly accepting of intergalactic visitors. Heavy scrutiny is not just covert, but also on wild display. Visitors to Starglow are welcome to watch the strange and myriad forms of superhero centered entertainment...even as they are mindswept to ensure they have not come as saboteurs of competing industry giants.   Visitors to Stardark will find themselves stranded until a ship is able to retrieve them, as their own ship will be rendered immobile on approach. No one has reached the Stardark system in decades, and it doesn't appear that will change anytime soon.   Finally, visitors to Starstone will have to pass through the watchful gaze of a number of supervillains. Without quite the unsavory record of your own, the odds are not even close to being in your favor.

1: Starstone System

Once a beacon of hope, Starstone has been overrun by galactic anomalies and supervillains have divided territories across the remaining habitable worlds, ruling, destroying, directing their pawns against the masses and assassinating what few heroes might be found. In Starstone, villains are unchecked and may as well be gods. Those with extranatural abilities and good hearts only survive to adulthood by being weak enough to escape notice. Even then, they might manage to turn the tide in a city, but they are unable to gain agency on a large enough scale to overthrow the supervillains holding the worlds in check. Starstone includes Pluton, the planet my Relek City Vigilantes call home.


2: Starglow System

Faring better than heroes in Starstone, the biggest heroes in the Starglow system are idolized, make careers in show business, featured in reality-based entertainment, and merchandised to the tune of octillions of credits. One world is strictly in use as an arena between heroes and criminals--especially supervillains. Another remains an untamed wilderness bristling with cameras in order to watch heroes and everyday people struggle for survival for as long as whichever series they are featured in runs its season. Another world has been set aside as a closed racing circuit, spanning a globe with ever more complicated and dangerous tracks. Viewers can watch their favorite heroes take on the competition not only in outlandish vehicles, but using every extranatural ability in their arsenal.


3: Stardark System

The Stardark system is, well, it's dark. It hasn't always been that way. But a hundred years ago, the system became shrouded in spacedust so thick it's impossible to penetrate with radar or telescope, and ships that have tried to cross the barrier have seen their engines permanently stalled. Stardark sits on an outer rim of Luridity Galaxy, and though its proximity to Starstone and Starglow most assuredly mean that it too hosts extranatural beings, between the ship graveyard and the spacedust there is no telling how many more centuries will pass before its planets are seen once more.


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